Canadian Cerebral Palsy Sports Association – President & 2 Director at large positions

Thank you for your interest in serving in a volunteer role on the Canadian Cerebral Palsy Sports Association Board of Directors!


The Canadian Cerebral Palsy Sports Association (CCPSA) is a non-profit organization and the national governing body for the Paralympic sport of Boccia in Canada, with a mandate to represent, promote and
advance the sport in the country.

The CCPSA’s broader mandate is to support anyone with cerebral palsy and related disabilities access quality sport and recreation activities. We do this through…program delivery, education, advocacy and partnership. Physical activity and the pursuit of excellence in sport can be rewarding for everyone. We believe that people with cerebral palsy and related disabilities should have the opportunity to develop their full athletic potential with the support of trained, knowledgeable coaches.

We work with our provincial partners and other organizations to support the inclusion of athletes with cerebral palsy and related disabilities in sport and physical activity, at every phase of the athlete development pathway.




Our Vision

Canadians with cerebral palsy and related disabilities have access to and are inspired to achieve personal excellence and embrace lifelong participation in sport and physical activity, while Canada is a leading nation in boccia.

 Our Mission

We collaborate with partners to increase the participation of Canadians with cerebral palsy and related disabilities in sport and physical activity, while leading, developing and growing boccia from grassroots, to producing World and Paralympic Champions.

Our Core Values

  Excellence: We display a commitment to excellence in all areas and to achieving outstanding results.

“Every day, every way”.

  Resilience: We demonstrate perseverance, an open-minded approach that is flexible and adaptable, yet consistent. “#hanginthere”

  Inclusivity: We believe in access and inclusion, equitable opportunities, and an open door for all participants.

  Collaboration: To truly achieve success and make a difference, we understand it is essential to work together in partnership.


Board Opportunities – Positions up for election

  • President
  • Director at Large (2)

The CCPSA is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse work environment and culture. Equity, diversity, and inclusion are an important attribute of the CCPSA. The organization recognizes and values the importance of, and welcomes passionate and talented candidates with, a diversity of skills, competencies, ideas, backgrounds, perspectives, and representation on the Board to enable us to achieve our goals and broaden our impact.

The CCPSA also welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

To complement the Board and its existing skill set/competencies, the Board is preferably seeking candidates with skills, competencies and experience in revenue diversification (i.e., fundraising, sponsorship, grants, etc.) and/or legal background (i.e. employment law/legal experience; not-for-profit governance).

Successful candidates will be elected at one of the CCPSA Board meetings in early 2021.

Length of Term

Directors shall be elected for a two-year term, except where an election is held to fill the unexpired portion of a term. Directors may serve a maximum of three terms.


The Board meets a total of 5 hours per month virtually, plus at minimum for one (1) meeting in-person over two-days per year. (In-person meetings may be made virtual when required.) There may be some additional meetings on an ad hoc basis to consider time-critical matters.

Elected Board members will complete Abuse, Harassment and Discrimination training and complete a Police

Record Check, as requested, and as per the CCPSA Screening Policy.

Elected Board members will read and ensure they understand the content of the CCPSA Organization Policies.

Roles and Responsibilities

Board Members are responsible for acting in the best long-term interests of the organization and the community and will bring informed decision-making, a broad knowledge, and an inclusive perspective.

The Board will support the work of the CCPSA and provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance, while annual business operations are led by CCPSA’s Executive Director (ED).

Board Member responsibilities include:

  • Listening to others’ views and advocating one’s own; identifying common interests and alternatives, and being open to compromise, while at all times exercising respect and fostering a collegial, inclusive, welcoming environment.
  • Supporting governance decisions once made.
  • Participating in the review of CCPSA vision, mission and objectives and in the development of a Strategic


  • Providing guidance and leadership to the ED as s/he implements the CCPSA Strategic Plan and annual

Operational Plan.

  • Reviewing outcomes, expected results, and Key Performance Indicators created in CCPSA’s Strategic Plan

and annual Operational Plan for evaluating impact, and regularly measuring organizational performance

and effectiveness using those metrics.

  • Preparing for, attending and participating in board meetings including the Annual General Meeting.
  • Participating in the approval of CCPSA’s annual budget, audited statements and monitoring financial

performance of CCPSA.

  • Being informed of, and meeting all, legal and fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Contributing to the ED annual evaluation.
  • Participating in the hiring of, and if required, the releasing of the ED.
  • Helping to establish, review and monitor CCPSA Policies.
  • Participating in the evaluation of the Board itself (Annual Board Self-Evaluation).
  • Identifying prospective Board Members and possibly help to recruit them.
  • Participating in professional development programming offered to the Board.
  • Serving on committees or task forces and taking on special assignments if required.
  • Being an ambassador for CCPSA – ensuring involvement is known within one’s network of friends and

contacts and keeping informed about community issues relevant to the mission and objectives of CCSPA.

  • Engaging in identifying and securing the financial resources, revenue diversification, and partnerships

necessary for CCPSA to advance its mission.

  • Abiding by the by-laws, code of conduct, conflict of interest, and other polices that apply to the Board.
  • Maintaining confidentiality as required by contracts, in camera sessions, and other business as it comes up.

In addition to the above responsibilities, the President, is an officer of the Board whose purpose is to assure the integrity of the Board’s process, act on behalf of the Board as agreed upon by the Board as a whole and represent the CCPSA to external national and international parties.


The CCPSA Board of Directors has identified two priority areas*, in addition to several other preferred skills and competencies for incoming Board Members (minimum two to apply):

  *Legal background

  *Revenue Diversification experience

(sponsorship, fundraising, grants, etc.)

  Good Governance

  Leadership

  Board of Director Experience

  Strategic Planning

 Marketing/Public Relations

 Succession Planning
 Advocacy/Lobbying
 Human Resources

 Financial Management

 Risk Management


Any individual who is eighteen (18) years of age or older, has the power under law to contract, who is not an employee or a paid contractor of CCPSA, and who supports the aims and objectives of CCPSA may be nominated for election to the Board of Directors.


Service on CCPSA’s Board of Directors is without remuneration, except for administrative support, travel, and Accommodation costs in relation to Board Members’ duties.

Candidate Application Package

To be considered by the CCPSA Board of Directors, please include the following items:

  1. Cover letter (max. 500 words) including why you would like to serve on the CCPSA Board and the value you would bring to the Board and organization.
  2. Resume/CV with overview of your experience and qualifications in relation to the above criteria.
  3. At least one (1) letter of reference, that supports the applicable or related skills and competencies

listed above.


If you have questions regarding your candidate application package, please contact Peter Leyser, Executive Director at or by calling (613) 748-1430 x 1

Please submit your completed application by 4 p.m. ET January 11, 2021 to the attention of Peter Leyser All candidates will receive a notice of receipt. Additionally, select candidates may be invited for an interview. All candidates will be notified once a decision is made.

 We thank you for your time and interest in the CCPSA!