Dixon Transition Society – Board Member

Volunteer Position – Board Member

Vision: Women and children are free from violence

Mission: To raise awareness about and to provide a continuum of services including safe housing, support, counselling and education for women and children impacted by violence.

Position Description: As a member of the Board of Directors you will provide governance leadership surrounding Dixon Transition Society’s mission, strategic plan, and finance; be a voice for change and increase Dixon’s profile in the community; increase Dixon’s impact by creating strategic connections and

contributing to fundraising efforts; act in a position of trust for the community. Board members have a moral, legal and financial responsibility to all our stakeholders to direct and protect the interests of the organization.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Passionate about ending violence against women
  • Competencies in the areas of finance and/or accounting; project management and/or business and entrepreneurship; fundraising, human resources, legal and property management;
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in your related field
  • Willingness to use your special skills and apply your expertise to the benefit of the organization
  • Willingness to use your sphere of influence to further Dixon’s cause
  • Ability to support Board’s fundraising activities
  • Ability to commit to the time required
  • Ability to work effectively with others
  • Leadership and management experience as asset
  • Governance experience and experience serving on other non-profit Boards an asset

Time Commitment: Approximate time commitment is 5 hours per month. Approximate breakdown includes:

  • 8 meetings per year, 3 hours per meeting for prep and attendance
  • Quarterly sub-committee meetings, 2 hours per meeting for prep and attendance
  • Attending community and fundraising events, 8 hours per year
  • Minimum 2 years commitment required

Meeting Location:

In person (Burnaby) and online

Benefits & Recognition:

  • Contribute to social change and to the fight to end violence against women
  • Gain valuable experience in governance and enhance your network and knowledge in a number of fields
  • Benefit from scheduled trainings and professional development that Dixon Transition Society provides for its Board members.


  • So, what if I do not have any governance experience? Can I still apply?

Yes, if you are passionate about governance, leadership and are a strategic thinker please apply and identify in your letter of interest how you and your skills can advance Dixon’s mission and vision.

  • I do not have any of the identified complementing competencies, but I am passionate about ending violence against women. Should I apply?

Yes, we would like to hear from all the interested applicants. If you are passionate about Dixon’s work, chances are you can support our vision and mission in one form or another. There are limited seats on the Board, but we are always excited to add to our volunteers and expand our reach.

To apply:

Please email cover letter and resume to director@dixonsociety.ca

Questions? Please contact the Executive Director at 604-433-4165 or email director@dixonsociety.ca

For more information visit website: www.dixonsociety.ca