PolicyWise for Children & Families – Board Director (3 Positions)


PolicyWise for Children & Families (PolicyWise) is a charitable, non-profit corporation established in 2003 to support the development of effective policies, programs and services for Alberta’s children, families and communities. Working with partners, PolicyWise conducts research, evaluation, and data analytics to achieve a world wherein children, youth, and families can thrive in respectful, safe, and supportive environments, supported by wise policy decisions.


To inform, identify, and promote effective social policy and practice to improve the well-being of children, youth, families, and communities.


PolicyWise has a reputation for collaboration, inclusion and broad stakeholder engagement approaches and strategies. The research and policy team has an in-depth understanding of the domains of well-being, the child and youth serving sector, provincial and local service delivery contexts, and the application of knowledge across these sectors and systems. PolicyWise partners with clients from all levels of government, academia, the nonprofit sector and philanthropy, who share their values, vision and passion for action to support vulnerable and less fortunate people.

PolicyWise has produced and mobilized knowledge in a wide variety of topics to strengthen policy and practice for children, youth and families. They have led provincial projects such as the establishment youth mental health integrated service hubs and conducted policy reviews on domestic violence, trauma informed care, early childhood development, suicide-prevention, homelessness and more. They currently lead the Alberta Nonprofit data strategy, lending their expertise to build tools and models to improve the collection, use and management of data.

Over the past several years, the organization has adapted to the social and economic environment through introducing sustainable operational practices, becoming more self-sufficient and impactful. They are a trusted advisor and leader in well-being involved in major social policy strategies, provincial and national councils and committees. Their legacy and influence continues to grow as they renew their charitable objects and continue their work in all areas of the world.

For more information on PolicyWise for Children & Families, please visit their website at: https://policywise.com/



Board of Directors

As a member of the Board of Directors for PolicyWise for Children & Families, you will have the opportunity to offer valuable input and strategic direction to help advance PolicyWise’s vision.

The governance role of the Board of Directors is to further PolicyWise’s vision and mission by establishing organizational direction and monitoring progress.

Key Accountabilities

Strategy and Structure:

  • Providing strategic leadership.
  • Defining the organization’s vision and values to guide and set the pace for its current operations and future developments.
  • Determining the strategies and plans that will underpin the organization’s overall strategic focus.
  • Ensuring that the organizational structure and capability are appropriate for implementing the chosen strategies.
  • Employing and evaluating the performance of the President & CEO. 


Performance and Management:

  • Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of policies, strategies, and business plans.
  • Determining monitoring criteria to be used by the Board.
  • Ensuring that internal controls are effective (risk management, financial and operational control, and compliance).



  • Ensuring the organization’s financial viability and sustainability.
  • Ensuring that resources are effective managed.



  • Being knowledgeable about PolicyWise’s values, mission, activities, and performance.
  • Being an ambassador for the organization and promoting its work in the community.
  • Ensuring that communications both to and from relevant stakeholders are effective, including communication with senior management.



To carry out these responsibilities, the Board typically meets quarterly, in-person, for three hours per meeting. The meetings alternate between Calgary and Edmonton. Meeting expenses such as travel are reimbursed by PolicyWise.

In addition to attendance at Board meetings, subcommittees (Finance, Investment & Audit; and Governance) generally meet quarterly for approximately 60-90 minutes in person or via telephone or video conference. Preparation for Board and committee meetings is essential and should be factored into the overall time commitment expected from Board members.

Start Date: September 2021 for a two-year term. Terms: Two-year terms, renewable three times.



In 2021, PolicyWise is seeking up to three individuals to join their Board of Directors experienced in:

  • Financial management and risk oversight in a non-profit organization.
  • Human resources, with a particular interest in those with compensation experience;
  • Governance; Policy oversight;
  • Business development with a particular interest in those with social enterprise or “social profit” experience, marketing and/or grant/funding identification experience; or
  • Sectors/businesses that have been disrupted by technology, demographics, or funding changes that have successfully pivoted and grew.


PolicyWise is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and recognizes that those ideals are embedded in governance and organizational performance. As an essential element of their DNA, PolicyWise welcomes the unique contributions that candidates can bring in terms of diverse backgrounds and lived experiences and encourages applications that represent the diversity of the community they serve.

Additionally, as an organization that works province wide, PolicyWise is interested in candidate representation from across the province.



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