Pulse Seismic – Board of Directors

Pulse Seismic Inc. is seeking new candidates to join its Board of Directors. The search process is being conducted by the Company’s Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee.

Pulse is a market leader in the acquisition, marketing and licensing of seismic data for the energy sector. Pulse owns the largest licensable seismic data library in Canada. The library extensively covers the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, where most of Canada‘s oil and natural gas exploration and development occur. The Company’s business model is designed to generate a growing stream of cash flow by repeatedly licensing the data in its seismic data library to oil and natural gas companies. The Company is also focused on enhancing the value of its data library through new applications and reprocessing opportunities.

Pulse is seeking candidates whose expertise and competencies complement the current Board of Directors. The successful candidate will likely have a combination of the following attributes:

– one or more university degrees in a geosciences field or geological engineering;

– strong business acumen and experience in the oil & natural gas industry, with emphasis on seismic related experience in North American onshore exploration and development;

– executive leadership experience, including board and governance experience; – financial literacy, with the ability to read and understand financial statements;

– an open minded, strategic thinker with experience in collaboration, inclusive leadership and good judgement; and

– able to create trusting relationships with board colleagues and management.

Pulse recognizes and embraces the value of diversity at the Board and management levels, as well as for all other employees. Diversity has a positive impact on enhancing Pulse’s competitive advantage. The Committee will consider diversity as a major consideration in identifying and assessing candidates to recommend for nomination or appointment to the Board in conjunction with a merit based approach.

The Board meets at least once each calendar quarter and one or two additional times for strategic planning and to approve the budget. Board members typically sit on several committees, and committee meetings are usually held on the same day board meetings occur.

The Board is responsible for the overall stewardship and financial oversight of the Company including identifying principal risks and business opportunities, and controlling issues which impact corporate strategy. The oil & natural gas business is changing rapidly and it is subject to societal demands on conventional energy. Maintaining value of corporately owned data and identifying new

applications for the data is important. In this business environment it is imperative to assess risk and identify developing opportunities. The Board works with management to identify material risks, to select and assess executive management and to review significant operational and financial matters.

The Board also meets, as necessary, to consider specific developments or opportunities as they arise. The Board is committed to ensuring the long-term viability and profitability of the Company, as well as the well-being of its 16 employees.

The Board reviews and approves the quarterly unaudited and annual audited financial statements, management discussion & analysis, the annual budget and changes thereto, and M&A strategies, and other material decisions. The Company has a history of strong capital allocation discipline including opportunistic strategic acquisitions. The Company recognizes the value of its unique data library and manages its data sets to maximize economic value.

Interested persons may submit information in support of an application to join the Board of Directors by sending it to info@pulseseismic.com. The deadline for submissions is Friday, January 8, 2021. We would like to thank all of the applicants, but regret that we are only able to personally contact those individuals whose backgrounds best match the requirements for the role.