Chief Executive Officer – Canada Powered By Women


In the summer of 2019, a group of women leaders concerned about Canada’s future came together in Calgary. Recognizing that the unity of our country, our economic security, and our global position is at risk, we wondered what special role women can play.

Welcome to Canada Powered by Women (CPBW), a national initiative to inform, connect and mobilize women across Canada. We are a movement driven by women that asks important questions and inspires bold dialogue around issues that matter to Canadians. We want to find reasonable, fair-minded, sensible solutions to issues that matter now for our country’s future.

What we believe:

We love Canada – We are proudly Canadian. We are inviting women across the country into a conversation about big national issues to find common ground about the Canada we all want.

Family and community matters – As women, we’re wired to protect those we love. Strong healthcare, solutions-oriented social systems, safe, inclusive communities, and opportunities for young people are vital parts of what we love about Canada. We want to support those systems and make them even stronger. As Canadians, we look after each other.

We all benefit from a strong economy – We believe that a vibrant business climate for both small and large companies will benefit everyone – creating jobs, making things more affordable, funding public services and social programs, keeping taxes low, and reducing government debt. The six

We love the planet – Across our nation we are blessed with a diverse and thriving natural environment and abundant natural resources. Through our collective aspiration to be ever-better, we believe we can develop and share our natural resources to improve lives and livelihoods in Canada and around the world while improving our global environment. Technology and Canadian ingenuity, combined with growth in Canada’s ethical, affordable, reliable and ever-cleaner resources can play a key role in reducing climate change concerns while lifting us all up together.

Politics can unite us – When politics gets polarized, the middle majority often stays silent. By talking politics in a way that’s informative, non-confrontational, and even fun, we can find balanced policy approaches to many important issues.

We are many – Many women wonder if their one voice can make a difference. By standing together and making our voices heard, we can influence the big issues facing Canada.

Strategic Priorities:

  • Operationalize expanding strategy and tactics developed in collaboration with the Board
  • Institutionalize and grow the Question of the Day flagship initiative
  • Re-establish and expand the breadth of the online daily dialogue through multiple social media and web-based platforms
  • Expand to other conventional platforms such as radio, elevator news network, community weeklies and conventional media
  • Grow reach and participation in online dialogue
  • Relaunch CPBW live and web-based events
  • Develop and implement strategy to deliver live events and develop ways to extend their reach (possibly delivered online and utilizing the extensive CPBW network and pursuing audiences established through existing women`s affinity groups in businesses, cultural groups, student settings, etc.
  • Establish dialogue-focused events template, building on success and learnings from Fall 2019 pilots
  • Strategically define and implement ideas to unite, engage and organize fair-minded women across Canada
  • Grow the following of Canada Powered by Women to have meaningful reach and thereby influence on public opinion and policymakers


Job Title: CEO

Reports to: Board / Executive Committee (8)

Direct Reports & Management:

Director, Marketing and Communications

Extensive Volunteer Network

Location: Calgary


The inaugural CEO of Canada Powered by Women will be the public face and voice of the organization. With the support of the Board, the CEO will assume the key leadership position and have overall responsibility for delivery of the organization’s mission, strategy and tactics. The CEO will also be responsible for the supervision of the organization’s Director of Marketing and Communications and mobilizing and managing an extensive volunteer network.

A strategic influencer and role model, this seasoned and credible leader will advance initiatives to inform, connect and mobilize women across Canada. You will inspire bold dialogue and bring to the forefront reasonable, fair-minded, sensible solutions to issues that matter now for our country’s future.


Inspirational Leadership

  • An experienced and engaging leader, with the ability to inspire and draw women into a movement and motivate passionate collaborators to action
  • A strategic influencer, aligned with the founding members whose core purpose centers around fiscally responsible ideas to enable prosperity for all Canadians
  • A confident spokesperson and courageous role model of what ‘we believe’
  • A natural collaborator that guides inclusive conversations, listens for consensus and formulates action


Strategy & Governance

  • Define and refine the evolving strategic plan
  • Build and maintain a strong, positive, collaborative and trusting relationship with the Board
  • In collaboration with a working board, establish governance framework including committee structure and mandates, board meeting agendas and materials, committee meetings, board recruitment
  • Establish and coordinate volunteer committees
  • Implement strategies to engage current members
  • Grow the membership of Canada Powered by Women to have meaningful reach and thereby influence on public opinion and policymakers
  • Initiate research and understand and interpret trending issues
  • Advance customer campaigns during periods of political opportunity

Partnerships and Community Engagement

  • Develop effective relationships with founding members, corporations and like-minded advocacy groups and establish alliances with well-formed associations
  • Establish a framework to attract and enlist an engaged followership
  • Foster member engagement and commitment through an effective organizational framework and clear outcomes
  • Increase the brand profile with a strategic communication plan
  • Establish and maintain influential positioning with partners
  • Leverage partnerships and elevate the utility of other influencers aligned with our mission to promote collective impact
  • Assist Board with fundraising strategy and execution

Fiscal Management & Operations

  • Establish and implement operation plans which set priorities, define outcomes, measures of success and KPIs, and track progress to ensure that all members are working towards common goals
  • Work in close collaboration with the Board to develop systems for budgeting and resource management
  • Recruit volunteer(s) to support day to day financial management
  • Ensure proper internal controls are in place to mitigate risks to the organization
  • Establish a process for creation, connection and maintenance of library of information


Success in the first year will be determined by the candidate’s ability to:

  • Establish KPIs with mid-year and year-end results dashboard that reflect advancement of organizational objectives and performance
  • Delivery of on-time and on-budget programs and campaigns as defined in collaboration with the Board
  • Through research and networking, create national opportunities for conversations
  • Deliver material progress on four strategic priorities


Ideally, the successful candidate will have the following:


  • University degree

Valuable Experience

  • Proven strategic leader in a senior role with a not-for-profit, corporation or other organization
  • Hands on responsibility for an organization’s stakeholder influence programs and results
  • Managing the diverse activities of multiple aspects of an organization
  • Engagement and effective activation of human resources in a volunteer capacity
  • Budget and financial management
  • Politically connected with campaign experience
  • Effective communicator
  • The ability to speak French may be an asset


  • Be at the table collaborating with many influential female leaders in Canada
  • Be a part of driving change in Canada, increasing the engagement of Canadians on issues that matter and in turn, driving improved public policy for the common good


To apply visit:  – look on ‘view current opportunities‘