COLLABORATION: Women's Energy Council Podcast with Heather Culbert, Co-founder of Board Ready Women

March 8, 2022

Our Board Ready Women (Women On Boards) co-founder and Board Chair, Heather Culbert, is featured on this month’s Women’s Energy Council #podcast #interview as she discusses her career journey and the vital role of building trust and strong relationships. Heather advises #networking is the most crucial step in the #career toward Board positions.

Women’s Energy Council Podcast with Heather Culbert, Co-founder of Board Ready Women

In this month’s special episode of the Women’s Energy Council Podcast, we sat down with the 2021 Canada Assembly WEC Executive of the Year, Heather Culbert. Heather is a Board Member for various organisations including Whitecap Resources, and co-founded Board-Ready Women, a non-profit dedicated to supporting and highlighting those women ready to take on Board positions in Alberta and wider Canada. One key lesson that shines bright in this episode is that building of trust and strong relationships can be key to one’s success as a leader. Particularly for those women looking to take the next step in their careers toward Board positions, Heather advises that networking is the most crucial first step. Throughout this discussion Heather’s passion for people development truly shines through, and her dedication to supporting other women in achieving their goals shows why she was voted by her peers as Executive of the Year.

We hope you leave this episode feeling empowered to step out of your comfort zone, inspired to work hard to achieve your goals, and encouraged to support other women in doing the same. Enjoy the episode!